“ Working with a coach and in the group gave me the support and confidence to pursue my dreams, and I was accepted into my top school for an MBA program - I am so damn excited and beyond myself . . . [these] programs have an impact on people's lives, and I am proof of that.” 


“ I credit Toni for helping me ace my interview and get the job I wanted!”


“ I have received a raise and a bonus. I've gotten great performance reviews; I'm in a variety of leadership programs in my workplace; I have more confidence in my public speaking than I did before …”




“I got the new role, which included a title change, promotion, and pay raise PLUS I am set on a path for future promotion.”


“I developed the confidence and tools to pivot out of my position into my dream career path.”


“I’ve gained a better sense of self, greater confidence and the ability to be vulnerable as a leader, with intention, selectivity, and power.”


“I feel SO much more confident, and also have much better relationships with senior leaders at work as I’m exploring my next career options.”


Coaching ingrained a growth mindset among all of us in the small coaching group, and led us on a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and elevation. I was able to gain confidence in knowing that I am worthy . . .

- jhalin
communication and confidence

- India
Authenticity and Advocacy

I have increased confidence and self-worth. The self advocacy I have demonstrated this past year has been acknowledged as maturity and leadership by peers and managers. I am regularly exceeding expectations in my performance reviews . . .

- Luis
Etiquette and Executive Presence

Through scheduled coaching sessions and the exercises and readings, I found myself becoming more and more confident.. . . I secure(d) a Corporate Finance role in a Fortune 50 firm in New York City, in addition to gaining admission into one of the most prestigious international affairs master’s programs in the country.

“I gained written brand values and confidence in sharing them with others, and I have more confidence in sharing personal/professional goals with managers and career planning.”


“I advocated for myself during difficult situations at work, set new personal and professional goals, discerned my professional value, and regained confidence overall.”


“I was able to work through most of my self-doubts and believe more in myself, which I feel is super important as a minority woman in the workplace.”

- Teresa

“Coaching helped me to see my worth, value, and current purpose in life. I wouldn't be happy and where I am in my life now, without it!”

- Alexis

- kristen
individual coaching

I found coaching at the perfect time . . . I received a promotion, transitioned to a new role, pay raise, exemplary performance review, and speaking engagements.

- Gaetan
Career Mapping and Professional Portfolio

I received 3 competing job offers in one week. Tomorrow, I will accept a consulting role that will provide me with a 50% total salary increase. I believe the work with Toni’s program and in other endeavors will change lives. I know it did for me!

Coaching and support helped me to land a better job, and negotiate a 73% salary increase . . .” I gained more confidence in my personal elevator pitch, tools/strategy to navigate the workforce/salary negotiations, and a better understanding of online branding.

- Rachel
Networking and Negotiating

Toni is a pro and her coaching elevates people from "professional" to "executive."

- Avril

“Group coaching is a true gem and I hope even more people get to experience it.

- Faith

“I gained an understanding of my personal brand and created a roadmap for how I want to live my values in the workplace.”

- Claire

“Coaching really helped me feel like a more empowered version of myself. The goals that we set were straightforward to achieve. After our time working together ended, I was left feeling like I could advocate for myself, which led me to feel more confident in my position.”

- Taylor

“As a result of coaching, I gained Increased confidence and self worth. I was submitted and selected for ABFF film festival and BlackStar, I confidently pitched my short film to executives across the industry,and I received overall clarity in my career trajectory. I’ve been accepted into a prestigious MFA program . . .”

- Aizhenaya
Arts, Media, and Entertainment

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