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Students meet real-time with their professor and other classmates. 

All courses are virtual, allowing learning to take place anywhere in the world. 

Our courses are uniquely taught in small groups to maximize coaching, learning, and retention. 

We focus on discussion, sharing opinions, practicing the skill, and real-life application instead of lectures and worksheets.

Most of all, our courses are: 


Instead of theory only, we teach how to actually apply the skills you learn, and give you safe space to practice it in class too! 


We have FUN. We aren’t called “Disruptive” for no reason and learning doesn’t have to be boring. We like to laugh, play music, speak up and speak our minds, in our sessions. 


Come to class comfortably - put on some sweats, and be yourself. We focus on learning, not on fluff. 

Our courses are:

The School of Disruptive Etiquette (SDE) offers professional development courses and coaching for diverse young leaders seeking to increase their confidence, and accelerate their career through soft skills, social intelligence, and self awareness. 


Centers of Learning

Courses and Coaching in this Center of Learning include the following topics and more:

Interviewing Boot Camps
Mock Interviews and Interview Prep
Killer Questions that Will Impress Any Interviewer
How to Answer Interview Questions Like a BOSS

Interviewing and Impressions

Resume Reviews and Writing
Cover Letter Critique
LinkedIn Optimization
Professional Biography Creation and Editing
Career Mapping
Job Search Strategy 

Courses and Coaching in this Center of Learning include the following topics and more: 

Career Strategy and Professional Portfolio

Networking for Introverts
Networking for Women
The Power of Following Up 
Negotiating the Salary You Deserve
Managing Your Relationships, Like For Real Though 
Building Your Bulletproof Squad: Cultivate Your Entourage
How to Approach Senior Leaders and Not Be Annoying
Manage Your Manager
Building Relationships with Your Team

Courses and Coaching in this Center of Learning include the following topics and more: 

Networking and Negotiating

Polish and Practice Your Public Speaking 
Polish and Practice Your Presentation Skills
How to Decrease Your Anxiety When Speaking in Public
Leading Meetings like a BOSS
Delivering and Receiving Feedback Like a BOSS

Public Speaking and Presentation

Managing Impostor Syndrome
Mastering Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)
Talk Like a BOSS - Verbal Communication
Email Like a BOSS - Written Communication
Own the Room - Nonverbal Communication
Professional Flirting

Courses and Coaching in this Center of Learning include the following topics and more: 

Communication and Confidence

Personal Branding
  • Create Your Personal Brand
  • Curate Your Personal Brand
  • Convey Your Personal Brand
Polish and Practice Your Elevator Speech
Authenticity for People of Color: Navigating Stereotypes and Maintaining Your Brand
How to Brag about Yourself without Being Cringey
Develop Your Powerful and Unique Leadership Story

Courses and Coaching in this Center of Learning include the following topics and more: 

Authenticity and Advocacy

Executive Presence for Young Professionals
Image and Appearance

  • Understanding Attire Types
  • Dressing Appropriately for Your Body Type
  • Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget
  • Dress Like a BOSS: Build Your Wardrobe and  Signature Style 
  • Posture, Walk and Gait
  • Personal Grooming Assessments and Consultations
Dining Etiquette
  • Table Manners
  • Networking Receptions
  • Wine, Beer, and Cocktails
  • Restaurants
  • Learn Dining Etiquette at Home 
  • Leveraging Thank You Cards and Other Written Stationery
  • Using Business Cards to Your Advantage

Courses and Coaching in this Center of Learning include the following topics and more:  

Etiquette and Executive Presence

Our 7 Centers of Learning

Courses and Coaching in this Center of Learning include the following topics and more: 

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Spring 2022

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Spring Trimester 2022 Courses

Own Your Energy

We’re done trying to fit in with extroverts. This is a safe space just for introverts. Join this course to learn and practice how to network effectively in an environment that suits your energy and honors your social preferences.

Networking for Introverts 

Own Your Achievements 

Impostor syndrome, speaking up for yourself, doubting your capabilities - we talk about it all. We’ll teach you the key to confidence - and show you how to brag without being cringey, how to advocate for yourself, and how to reroute those voices in your head that try to stop you from being great. 

Confidence and Self-Advocacy for Young Professionals of Color


More About This Course

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More About This Course

Own Your Relationships

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” New heights in your career are only as good as the people you have not only in your circle, but in your corner as well. Identify which relationships to build, how to grow them authentically, and how to apply these things right where you are now. 

Build Your Dream Network

Own Your Audience

Move from just “getting through another presentation barely” to being an inspiring, influencing, and persuading speaker. This course features built-in time to practice speaking, shake your nerves, and build confidence in a controlled and comfortable setting with an expert professor and support from encouraging classmates. 

Practice and Polish Your Public Speaking

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More About This Course


More About This Course

Own Your Digital Brand

Your professional portfolio is central to your online and in-person brand, a key piece for networking, interviewing, school and scholarship applications, and personal confidence. You don’t have to do it by yourself. Take this course to get personal, customized instruction on how to design, align, and shine these critical pieces for your career. 

Resumes and LinkedIn Makeover

Own Your Next Move

Have an idea of what’s next in your career but no heavenly idea what to do or how to get there? Join other ambitious young professionals in a small group course to map out your career, and receive actionable strategy steps to get your career on track for success. 

Career Mapping and Strategy

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More About This Course

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More About This Course

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Career Confidence Incub8tor

The Career Confidence Incub8tor provides you the tools, coaching, and support to increase your confidence, so you can get the promotion, job position, or pay raise you want, and land the leadership roles you deserve.

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