Disruptive Etiquette embraces the thinking that etiquette is more than learning “which fork to use.”

We utilize our "3-Step Framework", which focuses on personal and professional empowerment through soft skills, social intelligence, and self-awareness. 

Our Philosophy


More than a Fork 

Honing your soft skills to increase positive interactions, build confidence, and elevate relationship building.


Becoming socially intelligent to make the best decisions consistently in different situations.


Being self-aware of how your actions and behavior affect others and how their actions and behavior affect you.  


our 3-Step Framework


A Family Feel 

no. 1

Taking ad hoc professional development courses in a large, cold auditorium or sitting in a Zoom room full of unrelatable strangers.  

Focus on Support

no. 2

Faculty Who Look Like You

no. 4

Application and Practice

no. 5

All learning is focused on collective support, encouragement, accountability, and growth among students.


Blanket content that is “hit or miss”, “shot in the dark”,Fun and Interactive Learning - Courses that leverage dedicated, small, and fun coaching groups that leverage exercises, Q&A and engaging discussion for interactive learning

Clear Instruction 

no. 3

Content customized to the specific needs of minority young professionals


Disconnected instructors who “don’t get it” who deliver irrelevant material with no trace of relatability or empathy 

Expert professors and subject matter experts with years of specialized study and practice in their particular field who look like you 


Being force-fed information and expected to just “get it” after hearing about it once. 

Classes that have built-in time for students to  ask questions, and to also apply, practice, and polish their skills


Why We Are Different

The School of Disruptive Etiquette is different because we offer:

A competitive, uptight, and tense environment of “crabs in a barrel” where pretentious peers try to outshine the other in an independently divisive way. 

A safe environment and friendly, encouraging community of like-minded success-oriented young professionals working together for success. 


Overcrowded workshops, bland classes, aimless networking events, or generic “leadership” conferences for checkbox diversity. 

See Our Student Profile

Our School is designed specifically for those who are Completely Over:

Dry networking events, surface-level professional relationships, boring workshops that glaze over material, and “quid pro quo” interactions that feel more like transactions.  

Topics irrelevant to women and POC young professionals, and have no real-world application. 

We stand behind the quality of our classes, courses, and programs.

If you are not completely and whole-heartedly convinced your course or coaching will accelerate your career*, we’ll refund you 100% of your money.**

Risk-Free Guarantee

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Our Promise

Attend at least half of the classes for that particular course for at least 90% of the total class duration. 
Be present and actively engaged during each class, participating in any exercises or in-class assignments, discussions, and activities.

Complete any and all worksheets, tasks, and assignments by the deadline or due date.
Be paid in full by the start of the first class of the course. Participants who opt into payment programs are not eligible for the Risk-Free Guarantee.

Be a new student*** of the School of Disruptive Etiquette
Submit a form requesting the refund by the 8th fo the month following the month of unsatisfactory classes, courses, or coaching. 

Attend a 15-minute phone call or video conference with a member of the Client Satisfaction Team. 

*Accelerate your career is defined as a positive change or growth and includes, but is not limited to: a salary increase, a promotion, a job title change, a job or team change or lateral move, an increased area of responsibility, an improved performance evaluation, a positive review(s) and remark(s), awards or formal/informal recognition, positive interview feedback, a job offer(s), school or program admission.  

**Refunds will be issued within 30 days of the approved request. 

***Only new students are eligible for the Our Promise Risk-Free Guarantee. If you have taken a course with the School of Disruptive Etiquette before, you are ineligible for the refund.

Conditions for the Risk-Free Guarantee

To be eligible for the Risk-Free Guarantee, Students must: 

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